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The Earth-Like Calculator

Calculator for Earth-Like Planets Without a Resident Intelligent Species

​If you've already used the SETI Calculator you'll now know how many ascension species there may be out there.  But what about how many other Earth-like planets might there be, planets like Earth but without an intelligent species on them?

As humans, we are probably just as interested in discovering another Earth-like planet as we are in discovering another ascension species.  If we could find such an Earth-like planet we could easily colonize it without the fear of issues due to another intelligent species already there.

It stands to reason that there has to be many more Earth-like planets than there are ascension species.   Why more?


More because for most of Earth's history our planet was filled with life...., but without any humans on it.  The period of modern life on Earth started about 50 million years ago.  The period of modern man that I define that as the development of language, only started about 100,000 years ago.  Dividing one by the other yields a ratio of 500:1, that is, Earth-like planets without an intelligent species on them maybe 500 times more common than the intelligent species themselves.

Want to discover approximately how far away from Earth another Earth-like planet may be from us, but without a intelligent species on it?

Enter your previously calculated number of ascension species below to find out...

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