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The SETI Calculator

Calculator for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Below on this page, using your own inputs plugged into the equation above, you can estimate how many ascension life species there may be in our own galaxy based on your own numbers.

Twenty inputs are required.  Only a few values are known with any precision, most are educated estimates and a few are simply unknown.  Also, this equation may not include all of the variables necessary for advanced life. As a result, any equation results must be considered as purely speculative.

To help you with the calculation most inputs below have the currently known values, or best estimates where known, immediately above the input box.  A more detailed explanation of all of the equation's variables will be found in The Variables tab above.  Try the SETI Calculator for yourself and enter your own values below.


 Enter your calculated result above into the box at the bottom of the Earth-Like Calculator page to find out...

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